2 Books I Finished This Week + Books I Plan to Read This Coming Week

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Books Read This Week - 2-25

Books, books, books. I guess you could say I’m kind of a book-loving gal! Not only do I really enjoy reading, but I have learned so much through the years through reading great books.

A couple weeks ago, my parents passed down to me some old books that were my grandparent’s when they were younger. These are books that my grandparents read when they were young, and books that my mom read when she was little. Included in these books are almost a complete set of Gene Stratton Porter books, and almost all of the books written by Beth Streeter Aldrich! Also included were a copy of Primary Language Lessons (an original copy!) that had signatures of my grandma and great aunts in the front, and an old math primer. I plan to do a post about these books soon (with pictures!), but I was so excited to get these and plan to begin reading some of them with the kids soon. My mom told me that one book, A Lantern in Her Hand by Beth Streeter Aldrich, was my grandpa’s favorite book. He read it about every other year his whole life (he is home with Jesus now). I think I will start with that one!

Here are the books I finished this week and a few I am reading now.

2 Books I Finished This Week


The Mysterious Signal

Mysterious Signal (Freedom Seekers #5) – This was another great book in this Freedom Seekers series! The kids and I have really enjoyed this series and have learned so much!

Here We Come

Here We Come (Aggie Series, Book 3) – This was the last book in the Aggie Series and I really enjoyed it (again). So many life lessons are taught through Chautona’s stories. As I’ve said before, she is becoming my favorite Christian fiction author!

Books I Plan to Read This Coming Week

The Fiddler’s Secret (Freedom Seekers #6) – This is our current read-aloud with the kids. We have loved this series and are starting the last one today. We have learned so much about the Underground Railroad and it has truly been inspiring to read about! If you are going to be studying slavery and the Underground Railroad, I highly recommend this series! They are excellent!

For the Children’s Sake -I started reading through this book this past week and there is so much there to absorb and think about, that I didn’t get too far! That’s ok though. Books like this deserve a slow read and that is what I am going to do. This book will be my main focus this coming week.

You Are Loved -This book and Bible study has just been amazing! My friend and I are having such a great study and learning so much. If you struggle with doubts, fears, listening to the lies of Satan, this book really opens your eyes to what the Bible says about God’s amazing love for us!

Own Your Life – My friend is hoping to get her book this week so we can get started reading through this together soon!

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