What am I to do?

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I know I have been silent this week…haven’t posted at all.  I am still trying to process this whole Compassion trip to Guatemala.  Ann’s posts this week (here and here) have left me in tears.  The needs are so great…so devastating…what am I to do…what is God telling me to do?  It is tempting to listen to the voice of the deceiver telling me that what little I can do is of no use…worthless.  But I know that is not true.  I have seen this past week the reality of that.  I can make a difference.  One life changed…one child released from poverty…can make a world of difference.  It is all for Him.

As I struggled this week with how to go on, what to do with this knowledge that I have now learned through these Compassion bloggers, Ann hit the nail on the head with her posts..especially yesterday’s post.  Here is what I am to do…simply listen for His voice…“Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”    Yes, this is it…bowing on bended knee thanking the Lord for all He has given me, then listening for His voice telling what I am to do…then “walking in it.”

The Lord will lead each of us down different paths and our “walking” may take us to different places…that is all in His will.

The most important thing that each of us can be doing, though, is to…

~ live a life of GRATITUDE

~ be LISTENING for His voice giving us directions

~ then WALKING in it…

One path the Lord has led us down is a path with Compassion.   On New Year’s Eve last year, at the stroke of midnight, we were gathered around the computer selecting a boy and a girl to sponsor through Compassion.  I would like you to meet our sponsored children in Bolivia:

This is Sonia.  She just turned 7 years old in July.
We love getting letters from Sonia.
She loves to draw pictures of God’s creation…so fun to see!

This is Jhonny.  He just turned 9 the end of August.
He writes letters to us himself, telling us how he is doing.
He always ends his letters sending big hugs to our family.

I cannot put into words how much this has changed our lives.  We are learning that life is more than about us, our wants, our needs.  There are people out there who have so little…and it is an honor and blessing to be able to reach out to them in Jesus’ name.  All we have is His anyway…and when the Lord prompted our hearts to sponsor these children we decided to “walk in it” and obey.  We have been truly blessed through it all and look forward to many more years of getting to know these children better.

Our hearts have been moved again to sponsor another child.  So I’ll look forward to introducing them to you soon!

What about you?  Are you living a life of GRATITUDE, LISTENING to His voice for direction, then WALKING IN IT?

I encourage you…there is deep joy in following hard after Him.  Walk….walk…do what the Lord is showing you to do.

You CAN make a difference!

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  1. Such truth! My parents have sponsored a young man ever since he was I think 5 years old and he's now almost an adult. They love getting his letters and here about how he is doing. We haven't yet been called to sponsor a child but Compassion is probably the way we would go if we did because we have other friends who sponsor a child through it. I enjoyed this post this morning. I was needing the words of encouragement because of something that we are dealing with right now. Sending big hugs to you today my friend.
    1. Hi Kim, Yes...my intent was not to tell everyone they need to sponsor a child through Compassion, but just that each of us really listen to what the Lord is telling each of us to do...then DO IT! Many blessings on you, Kim!

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