Birthdays and Homeschooling

One of the many benefits of homeschooling is that it allows you to live life with your children each day.  Family life does not stop for “homeschooling”, but is a part of family life!

Today is my oldest son’s 13th birthday!  Happy birthday Robert!  We have a special day planned too.  A couple years ago I started a little tradition on how we celebrate my kids’ birthdays.  Three of my five children have their birthdays fall during the school year, the other two are during the summer months.  I wanted their birthdays to be special and to be a day set apart just to celebrate their life.

    So…here is what we do on birthdays…

* We take their birthday week off of school.  (It just works out for our family that the three birthdays that fall during the school year are spread out enough that I just plan our school year with those weeks off.   We take a shorter summer break so we can take more breaks through the school year.)

* The birthday child gets to choose what we have for breakfast on their birthday.

* The birthday child gets to choose what we have for dinner on their birthday.

* After the regular chores are done for the day, I allow the birthday child to decide on some fun activities for the day (favorite games, a favorite movie, going to the park, etc.

The kids have really had fun with this and I plan on continuing this special family tradition for years to come!

I’m off now to make my son’s favorite breakfast – breakfast burritos with homemade tortillas and scrambled eggs, sausage, and cheese!

Have a wonderful day!


Update on Jaci Garver:  They are transferring Jaci to Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln, NE today.  Pray for rapid and complete healing!  If you want to see all the updates on Jaci, I have been posting them on my facebook page.  Friend me if you are not a friend and I will accept!  Thanks so much for all your prayers and donations to help these dear friends of mine.

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