List of sources for free audiobooks and ebooks

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Where to Find Free Audiobooks and Ebooks

It is really unbelievable the wealth of resources available to us on the internet!  I wanted to start a list of websites where you can download free ebooks and audiobooks that can be used in your home.  I will probably be adding to this list as I come across more.  If you know of any more that I do not have listed, please leave the link in the comments and I’ll add it!

Here we go…enjoy!

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  1. www.heritage-history.com This is a great site for online history books. I feel really comfortable with my kids reading what's on her site.
  2. Thanks for this list. How about https://www.myaudioschool.com/ ? They have a lot free and even more via membership. I haven't been through all of the free things--there is so much!

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