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I just wanted to post a quick note to let you know that my old site is now down and my newly designed site is here to stay!  I’m sorry it has been a bit confusing the past couple of weeks as I made this transition.  I am so excited about my new site – my site address will still be the same though!  I will now have all my website articles, downloads, recipes, favorite links list, etc., as well as my blog all in one place!  I will also be moving all my recipes over from my Nourishing Cookbook blog!  Can’t wait to have all those moved over into one place!

My new Book Shop has been a blessing too and I’ve heard alot of great responses.

If you haven’t visited my newly designed site, do so today!  I still have a TON of information to get transferred over and I will be doing that as I have time over the next few weeks.

My blog can be found here on my site…go over and take a look!  I’ll be transferring a lot of my blog posts over from my old blog as well.

I pray each of you have a wonderful day.  I love the glimpses of Spring..the grass turning green, the birds singing…love it!

Have a blessed day in the Lord,


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  1. Sherri, The new site looks great! Looking forward to learning more from you. Thank you for being such a blessing!
  2. Hi Sheri- The new site looks GREAT! I am so excited that everything will be in one place. It must be TONS of work to get it all in one spot but it will be wonderful when it is finished! :) I tried to subscribe to your RSS feed by my feedeburner (Bloglines) but it can't find the RSS feed. I am subscribed by email but I used Bloglines too. Just FYI. Take care and enjoy your precious ones. Have a blessed day! In Christ, RaShell
    1. Hi RaShell, I wonder why you can't subscribe with Bloglines? If you go to my feed page: https://feeds.feedburner.com/nourishinghome it shows Bloglines as an option. That won't work subscribing from there? Do let me know, though, if it does not work so I can investigate further! Hugs, Sheri

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