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I just wanted to send out a quick note to all of you who are subscribed to my blog.  Many of you know that I recently decided to return to doing an email newsletter about once a month.  I got a lot of great suggestions for topics to cover and can’t wait to address these in upcoming newsletters.  If you have any questions or topics that you would like me to address, just contact me and I’ll add it to the list!  If you have not joined our newsletter list, you can do so by signing up in the top right sidebar.

Some changes will be taking place as well in what I will post on my blog and what will go in the email newsletter.  The biggest change is that I will only be posting about special sales (coupon codes) in the email newsletter…not on my blog.  I will continue to host a monthly giveaway on my blog…that will not change.  But the coupon codes for special sales will only be announced in my email newsletters.  This will begin immediately…so if you don’t want to miss those special sales, join our email newsletter list today!

I will be sending out May’s newsletter early next week.  I am so excited about it and pray it will bless you!

Have a super weekend!

God bless,

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  1. I just checked out Beth's ebook on couponing. Can;'t wait to read it through and through. Like other moms, I work full time at home as a medical transcriptionist, home school my 2 children, and try to save money anywhere I can, but it all seems so hard to me. Hoping this book will get me on track.

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