Have you started the Holiday Planner yet?

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This is the week to begin working through The 12-Week Holiday Planner!  Have you started?  I have!

Yesterday I pulled out my planner, printed off the new pages for Week #1: List Week, and started making my lists.  I jotted down the list of people I want to get gifts for, the baking I want to do, cards I want to send, menu ideas…it was so much fun!  I am planning on sitting down today and working on it some more, checking off my to-do list for the week.

If you have not started The 12-Week Holiday Planner, I am offering the first week as a free download!  Go to my post about this and download your copy today.

Give it a try!  You will be amazed how much less-stressed the holidays will be…which will allow you to keep your focus where it should be…on Jesus!


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