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The Wonder Scrubcloths – Just added to the Shop!

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These Wonder Scrubcloths work wonders on your dishes!  The cloth is crocheted with a scrubber in one corner, making scrubbing out glasses and pots a breeze!

These Wonder Scrubcloths come in sets of 3.  They are made of 100% cotton and are approximately 7 inches square.

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  1. I can’t find the instructions for this scrubby can u please send to me . Bhunter@telus.net
    1. Hi Bonnie, I don't have the directions on my website, but at one time I was selling them already made. I made up this pattern on my own, and I do sell the pattern here: https://store.sherigraham.com/ebook-the-wonder-scrubcloth-crochet-pattern. Hope that helps!
    1. Hi Karen, You can buy the pattern for these on this page: https://sherigraham.com/estore/hand-crocheted-items/ Just scroll down until you get to where I talk about the Wonder Scrubcloths and you'll see it. Have fun!
  2. These scrubbies are awesome, hubby will love these. He help with old fashion dish washing.

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