Natural Body Care: Makeup!

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This will be my final post (for now) in the Natural Cleaners & Body Care series.  It has been fun and I have been able to change out all of my cleaners for more natural options.  I hope it has been a blessing to you, too!

Today I am going to talk about natural makeup options.  I don’t really wear a lot of makeup so I am only going to cover the items that I use daily.  This is an area that I am just starting to explore, so I may be updating this post as I try new things!  But for now, here are my ideas I want to share…


Face Powder

  • Cornstarch
  • Cocoa

To make:  In a small bowl add a little cornstarch (however much powder you want to make).

Add in cocoa and mix well until it turns the shade to match your skin.  You will have to mix the cocoa in good, because it tends to want to clump together.

Once mixed well and the shade you want it, you are ready to put it in your powder container.  I just bought a cheap powder from the store, dumped it out, and put my cornstarch/cocoa mixture in it.  It works great!

So far I have really liked this powder.  I don’t wear any foundation.  Usually I just put a little bit of lotion on my face, then this powder.  It makes my skin so soft too..love it!  Of course every now and then I get a whiff of cocoa…but that’s ok!

Powder Blush

I haven’t tried this one yet, but you can purchase some Red Beet Powder to use for powder blush.  I am thinking I will mix a little of the Red Beet Powder into some cornstarch to lighten it up a bit.  I don’t want red cheeks…just a nice shade of pink.  Once you mix the cornstarch and Red Beet Powder together, you can do as you did with the powder and buy a container from the store, dump it out, and place your homemade blush powder in it.

I will update this post when I get a chance to try this one!


Eye Shadow

In a small container mix the cornstarch and magnesium stearate, using the back of a spoon to mix into fine powder.

Add the oil one drop at a time making sure to mix it well.

Next add the ground mica powder, adding a little at a time and mixing until you get the shade you desire.

If the mixture is too dry, just add another drop of oil and mix.

Store in a small container with a lid and apply using an eye shadow applicator.

I haven’t been able to try this yet as I need to order some magnesium stearate.  I’m tempted to try it without it and see how it works.  I have the other ingredients so I may just do it and see how it goes.  I will post an update to this post when I’ve had a chance to test it out!  


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