The beauty in all of us that we can share with others!

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This morning I just wanted to share with you how each of us has beauty that we can share with others. Our tulips and lilacs were blooming a couple weeks ago and so my oldest daughter, Sarah, arranged this beautiful bouquet for our table. She loves to decorate and has done many things around our home to make it beautiful. (See more of her beautiful arrangements below!)

As I have been enjoying the beauty that she has brought to our home through her decorating, it made me realize that each of us has different gifts that we can share with those around us.

  • Some of us are good at cooking and bring the gift of yummy food.
  • Some love to make others laugh and bring the gift of much laughter to the home.
  • Some enjoy writing notes of encouragement and bring the gift of encouragement to those around them.


  • Some enjoy hugs and kisses and bring the gift of love and physical touch to ones close to them.
  • Some are gifted musically and bring the gift of beautiful music to the home.
  • Some enjoy decorating and bring the gift of beauty to the home.


  • Some enjoy working with their hands and bring the gift of things repaired or fixed to the home.
  • Some enjoy nature and bring the gift of knowledge of God’s creation to those around them.
  • Some are good listeners and bring the gift of a listening ear when someone just needs someone to talk to.
  • Some enjoy sewing or quilting and bring the gift of precious hand-made items to our home.
  • Some enjoy organizing the bring the gift of order and peace to the home.

Whatever it is that God has given you, there is beauty in all of us to share with those around us! As the beauty of Spring arrives and the joys of summer, let’s reflect on what God has given each of us to share with others. It may seem insignificant to you, but our gifts put all together make a bouquet of beauty that blesses many!

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  1. The flowers are gorgeous! I'm not blessed with a green thumb so anything I try to grow usually becomes, um....lifeless, fairly quickly, so this impresses me very much! Sarah does a beautiful job arranging them as well! Sheri, you have the gift of encouragement, without a doubt and I am so thankful for you!
    1. Hi Rene, I should confess that only the tulips and lilacs are from our flowerbeds. The one arrangement with carnations was made with some flowers my daughter bought at the store, and the other arrangement is made with silk flowers :). They are beautiful, though, and I am thoroughly enjoying them! Thank you for your kind words too...and I am thankful for you too, Rene!
  2. So, so true! What BEAUTIFUL flower arrangements!! They are a joy even in photos! Thanks for sharing them! :o))

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