Teaching from Rest (My newest favorite read!) + free video to watch!

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Teaching From Rest

Back when Sarah Mackenzie released the first edition of this book, Teaching from Rest, it was only in ebook format. I bought it at the time and read it and really enjoyed it. Just recently Sarah has come out with a second edition that has been expanded and revised. I bought a copy and have been digging into it this week.

It is chock full of wisdom for the homeschooling mama! If you want to learn how to homeschool from a state of rest and peace, then read this book!

I found a Youtube video where Sarah was a guest with Christopher Perrin and she talked about her book (the original version). I thought you might enjoy watching!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I'm reading this book right now and loving it! You should see the highlighting I've done. I might as well just highlight the whole thing! Last week I read one simple statement in this book that is changing the way I approach everything I do, even in y business! I'm glad you're sharing about this book, I know it will bless people. (I'll probably write a review when my website gets fixed and I'm writing there again.) Blessings!
    1. That's great Beth! I need to read with a highlighter too. I think I'm afraid I'd highlight the whole book too :)! Do you want to share the statement you read last week that changed your approach? I'd love to read it (and highlight it too in my book!). I'm getting my "chores" done this morning so I can sit and read some more this afternoon. Can't wait!
      1. Sure. It's on page 8 under the section titled "Why Your Daily Grind is Holy Ground. The line that is repeating in my head and chaining the way I am looking at everything I do is: "He's called me to be faithful, yet I'm determined to be successful." This is me. I so often don't do anything (with homeschooling, with my blog, etc.) because I don't have the perfect plan, the perfect resources, and the perfect schedule to accommodate the plan and the resources. (Or the perfect motivation!) This one sentence is teaching me to just be faithful. Just SHOW UP! And God take all my small acts of faithfulness, my daily "showing up" and turn them into something beautiful. Without my help. Without my perfect plan. It's so very freeing while not at all a license for apathy or laziness.
        1. I loved that quote too, Beth. I am so much that way too. That is why recently I have really been trying to just begin doing the things I feel God wanting me to do, even if I feel I am not totally prepared, ready, or have the perfect plan. I am just going to do it and let God work all the details out. Doing this live video next week is one of those things. Yikes! But I know God will be there with me if I just show up :). Thanks for sharing and praying you have a great day!

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