A Notebooking Resource I Use Again and Again

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I am excited to re-introduce to you an ebook that was one of my first to publish: Create Your Own Learning Portfolio on ANY Subject!

Create Your Own Learning Portfolio on ANY Subject!

Way back in 2006, I created this ebook filled with planning pages and notebooking pages to be used to create a “Learning Portfolio” on any subject. I decided it was time to spruce up the cover (yes this is a new cover!) and do a post about it again! Create Your Own Learning Portfolio on ANY Subject is a resource for the whole family.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have used this ebook to print out a sheet for one of the kids’ notebooks. In fact, I created a bookmark on my desktop so that I can quickly open it up and print what I need at the spur of the moment!

  • The kids have used pages to make sports notebooks, taping a picture of the athlete in a box on the page, and then filling out all the information about the athlete and team they plan on, etc. on the lines around the photo.
  • I have printed out the blank lined papers (both the ones for older and younger children) when I needed some writing paper for the kids.
  • My oldest son used the pages with a box on the top and lines on the bottom when he created his bird notebook.
  • I have used the pages with big boxes and single lines to write on for my younger kids to do drawings on, then label their drawing on the line.

The ideas are endless for using these pages!


I pray that this ebook will bless many and make your life a little easier as you homeschool your precious children!

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