NEW Daily Planner Pages added to Intentional Planner Membership Site!

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I am so excited to tell you about a brand new form I just added to the Intentional Planner Membership Site!  It is a brand new Daily Planner Page.

I LOVE my Daily Planner Pages….they allow me to keep everything neat on one page and gives me a place to jot down my to do list for the day, any appointments, my daily schedule, etc.  I love it!  Well…I found that I was needing a little more flexibility than what the original format was providing.  I wanted to be able to change the titles of the various “sections” on the daily planner pages.  I also wanted more flexibility with the format of each section.

So… I went to work!  I came up with a brand new Daily Planner Page that allows you to customize it for your own needs.  Here are a few pictures to show you what they look like (click on them to see them bigger!).  The first one is blank (the blue areas are where you can type in what you want), and the other two are filled in to show the different ways the page can be used.

I am excited to use this new version myself and pray that it is a blessing to you as well!

If you are currently a member, just login at the Intentional Planner membership site and go to the Daily Planner Pages section to download the new planner pages:

If you have a Basic Membership and your membership has expired, you can renew your membership here:

If you have a Basic Membership (a 1-year membership) and wish to upgrade to the Premium Membership (one-time fee with a ton of my ebooks too!), you can find that information here as well:

Finally, if you have an idea for a form that is not currently listed on the Intentional Planner membership site, just contact me and I’ll see what I can do!

I love my planner and could not live without it.  It keeps me on track and organized.  Get yours today! 

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