Some family fun and relationship building!

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I thought I would share some of the fun we have been having the past couple weeks.  As I shared before, I really want to focus on relationships this summer and we are off to a good start!


It has been HOT here in the Midwest, so one day we got the little pool out and the kids had fun cooling off together.  Here are my 3 youngest in the pool.  When they were done they ran through the sprinkler. One short little funny…I had gone inside to do something and when I came out to check on them I saw the little pool was full of brown water.  Then I realized what they were doing. They we running over in our yard where there is a bunch of dirt that they like to dig in and play in…they were proceeding to get their legs all muddy, and then running to the pool to clean off!


We took a trip last week to a local lake. My dad and the boys enjoyed throwing rocks into the water. They were trying to hit a tree stump that was sticking up out of the water. I think they threw rocks for a good half hour and some of them got pretty close but didn’t hit it. They had fun though.


Here is my oldest enjoying the shade!


My youngest son loves to dig and this toy was right up his alley!


My kids also love to watch bull riding…can you tell?


Yes…even my daughter!


What a joy to see my kids loving on each other :).


This is a picture of my mom, me, and my youngest daughter. My oldest daughter was taking the picture.


My mom and my oldest daughter!  They had fun at the lake looking and taking pictures of all the wildflowers.  I’ll have to do another post highlighting those…they are beautiful!

How about you? Are you having some family fun this summer and deepening those relationships?

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  1. You look great! Trim and healthy! Looks like a fun time! We are having fun fishing and raising chickens!
    1. Thank you Amy! We are hoping to go fishing this summer sometime too. It has been so long since I've been fishing! Have a great summer!

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