How to Build a Family {what the Lord is showing me}

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I have really been enjoying the blogging break, but decided to do a quick post this morning and share what the Lord has been showing me.  My family has been my focus and will continue to be in the days to come.  The Lord is showing me so much about myself that needs to change, and in the process showing me the true needs of my family.   What I will share is nothing new, but how many of us truly put these into practice.  That is my challenge to myself and to you…really learn how to build your family – a family that is strong in their relationships with each other and with God – a family that loves deeply and loves well.  That is my desire.

Here are my thoughts…

Time – My husband and children need my undivided time.  This does not just mean being in their presence, it means truly being present with them, giving them your full attention.

Touch – My husband and children need my touch.  I have been trying to be more intentional about this and use little moments throughout the day to give a quick hug and kiss, pat on the shoulder, snuggle on the couch, back rub, etc.  I know it means so much to my family.  Here is an article I ran across this morning that addresses the need of touch…it is really good!  Read it here.

Teach – My children need me to teach them, not only through words, but more importantly through my actions.  It just amazes me how much more is “caught” that “taught”.  The Lord is really opening my eyes to see exactly what things I need to teach my children.  I am making this more of a priority as I strive to live my life and bring them alongside of me.  Much of what I need to teach them can be taught as I include them in my daily life.  So simple!

Talk – My husband and children love to talk…they NEED to talk!  And I am talking about face to face talking…not texting or facebooking back and forth.  It just amazes me when I hear about families who sit around in the living room with their phones and text each other instead of talking.  That is so sad to me.  We need each other…we need each other’s words of encouragement delivered “live”.  This is another area that I am trying to be more intentional about…taking time throughout the day to really talk to my kids.

Train – This is another area that can easily be avoided of I am not careful.  I really need to take time to train and not just discipline.  Many times I fall into a bad habit of addressing discipline issues after the fact instead of taking the time to train my children beforehand.  I will be working on this area as well…really focusing on training my children how to love each other and how to contribute joyfully to the family through daily chores (these are the two areas I will be focusing on for now.)

I know there are probably many more areas that could be addressed, but these are what the Lord has brought to my mind for now.  I’m praying each of you are having a blessed summer with your families!

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