Please make time for this each day…with your children!

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Over the past week I have been reading a new book I bought called Together: Growing Appetites for God.  I have been so challenged by Carrie Ward as she shares her experience of reading through the Bible with her children.  Carrie is an “everyday mama” just like me, who struggles just like me, who desires for her children to have appetites for God and His Word.  I can relate to so much of what Carrie shares in her book.

In the book, Carrie shares how as a mother of many small children she continually struggled with finding time to spend in God’s Word.  At the same time, she had such a desire for her children to know God, to hunger for Him, to hunger for His Word.  Then the Lord put something on her heart…why not read through the Bible, 1 chapter at a time, with her children?

God promises that His Word will not return void…that His WHOLE Word is profitable for teaching, correction, training in righteousness.  Why not?  So she began.  In the book she shares her struggles to make it through difficult books, the challenges of reading with small children, etc.  BUT…oh the blessed rewards that Carrie and her family experienced through her faithfulness to read at least 1 chapter daily with her children.  God began to speak…and not just to her…but to her small children (ages 4 and under)!

Carrie has put into words what has been on my heart for so long and just didn’t know how to do it.  It seems so simple.  But then isn’t God like that?  The answer is so obvious and right before our eyes, but we are looking for something “else”..something more structured, more “curriculum” looking.

That has been me.  Sure, I have always been faithful to read our Bible story book and the kids love that.  But I have been a bit fearful of just picking up the Bible and reading for fear that they won’t understand or get bored.

Not anymore.

Yesterday we began our journey through the Bible together…one chapter at a time.  I hate to say it, but I have been a little surprised how well it has gone.  We actually couldn’t stop at just one chapter…either yesterday or today.  We ended up reading two or three!  The kids kept asking for more.

I look forward to seeing what God is going to do in our family through this commitment to His Word.

If you have struggled with this as well, I encourage you to pick up Carrie’s book, Together.  This was just what I needed to get me going on something that should have been so obvious.

Will you join me?  Let’s commit together to read at least 1 chapter in the Bible with our children each day…then allow God to speak!

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