Spring brings new life…hope!

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My daughter took some pictures this past week of spring in our yard.

I always love this time of year as the grass turns green, the daffodils bloom, the buds on the trees burst out in their full aroma and beauty…

My daughter took this picture of the moon one evening.  It is just amazing this creation that God has made…makes me just sit in awe at His power, His glory, His majesty, His deep love for us.

In this world that is full of hopelessness and despair, I pray that God’s reminder of new life all around us will encourage us to keep our eyes focused on Him.  There is hope, there is beauty, there is new life…in Him alone.

Enjoy His beauty this springtime!

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  1. These photos are wonderful. Your daughter is a talented photographer. God is the most awesome artist. Have a glorious Easter. Blessings, Marcia
  2. Those are wonderful pictures! Your daughter is very talented. I especially love the picture of the moon. I love Spring too. Our God is amazing!

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