Sally Clarkson on Raising Boys – Excellent!

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If you are not familiar with Sally Clarkson, you need to be!  She has been such a blessing in my life in regards to homeschooling and parenting.  This morning I wanted to send a quick note to share with you a couple of articles she recently wrote about parenting boys.  I REALLY needed to hear this!  I have some high energy boys that I easily get frustrated with…now I know how to respond.  Sally blogs at I Take Joy, but these posts are guest posts on The M.O.B. Society Website (if you have boys, this website will bless you as well!).

Here are Sally’s posts…

“That Boy Needs a Strong Hand” Part 1:

“That Boy Needs a Strong Hand” Part 2:

I pray that those of us that have boys will learn to respond in grace instead of frustration.

Have a blessed day,

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