Christmas Cookie Plates Tips

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I just had a few thoughts I’d share regarding the Christmas Cookie Plates Project (just a reminder that today is the last day to buy this ebook for only $2!).  This is a repost from last year after the first week of the Cookie Plates Project, but I thought that those of you who started the Christmas Cookie Plates project this week would appreciate the tips!

I have had several comment that they are running out of freezer space for their cookies.  Here are a couple of ideas to remedy that problem:

1 – Since you have 5 different cookies in your freezer now, after one week of baking, why not go ahead and make up about half of your cookie plates and deliver them!  This will clear out your freezer for next week’s baking…OR

2.  Instead of baking all the cookies, freeze cookie dough balls and store in freezer bags (labeled with the name of the cookie, bake time and temperature).  Cookie balls don’t take as much room to store in your freezer.  When you are ready to make cookie plates, then you will need to bake what you need, then assemble the plates.

One other tip for you…I didn’t go out and buy some nice big containers to store my cookies in the freezer…I am finding that empty ice cream buckets work very nice for this!  They are about the right size to hold about 4-5 dozen cookies, have a lid, and can be stacked in your freezer.

I hope everyone doing this “project” is having fun!  I know we are…and can’t wait to get to next week’s baking:  sugar cookies, bon bons…and more!  Yum!  Have a wonderful weekend!

Oh…remember that you can download some free Christmas Cookie Plates labels here!

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