I’m finally going to learn to play the piano!

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Yes, I am finally going to do it…I’m going to learn to play piano!  I took some lessons when I was very little, but for various reasons never was able to continue with them.  At one time my parents even had a deal worked out with a piano teacher…I would make a big batch of cookies for her each week in exchange for lessons…I couldn’t wait!  Then right before I was to start lessons, she found out she was going to be moving.  So…that was as close as I got to lessons.

But now all of that has changed!  I was recently introduced to Matthew Stephens of Piano by Ear.  He has been teaching piano by ear for over 20 years and over the past 5 or 6 years began creating instructional DVDs that have helped people all over the world to learn to play piano by ear.  My DVDs are on the way and I absolutely can’t wait to get started!

Matthew is a Christian and a homeschool dad….so I am excited about supporting him as he looks to help more people with his materials.  He sells the DVDs for very reasonable prices, considering that each DVD set has enough lessons to last a whole year!  Most of his DVD sets are only $49 (or $39 without the DVD case). That’s it!  You really can’t beat the price.

But the best part is that right now Matthew is running a special Spring sale!  Until Friday, April 15th, you can get 30% off of his entire Piano By Ear Bundle (Volume 1 and Volume 2) – The equivalent of two years of piano by ear piano lessons!  Plus you will receive a bunch of bonuses as well!  Just look for the special sale link in the sidebar!There are also some neat videos on this special sale page you won’t want to miss.  Matthew shows his 6-year-old son learning how to play!  Yes…a 6-year-old!  Go check them out…you will be impressed!

I look forward to blogging about my progress this summer as I work through these DVDs.  My daughter (who plays piano) is also excited to learn some new things too.  If you have always wanted to learn to play, or you have children who would like to learn to play, these DVDs are a wonderful solution!  You can teach multiple children and you don’t even have to leave your home… AND you save money too!

Click here if you want to read more about Piano by Ear…then watch for my updates throughout the summer!


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    1. Hi Hope! I have to confess that I worked through a few of the lessons and really enjoyed it, but then life got busy and it got put on the back burner. I still have the DVDs and can't wait to get started on them, but I know it has to be in the Lord's timing too. Right now I have other things as higher priorities. I know you are going to love the lessons though and wish you the best!
  1. I purchased "Piano for Quiters" and "Piano for Life" a few years back yet my son who wants to continue lessons we cannot afford will not look at the lessons. Do you know how this compares with that Dvd set of lessons? I want to learn again yet the time is not while the most had to raise son of our 5 is 13-18 which is where he has been for a couple of years.
    1. I would just contact Matthew Stephens of Piano by Ear and ask him your questions. He is very helpful and you can call him or email him. Give him a call!
  2. Please please tell me how you do with this. I took lessons when I was 13 and can read "most" notes but I don't play well at all. I used to play by ear and I didn't know that someone could actually have a course for that. So needless to say I am very intrigued. I've wanted to get back to learning so badly and this might be the nudge!

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