Planning Our New Homeschool Year (Part 2 of 4)

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Planning Our New Homeschool Year Part 2

In Part 1 I talked about how I planned out our homeschool schedule for the year. Now in Part 2 I am going to look at how I planned out our Morning Time Learning.

Morning Time Learning is the time during and right after breakfast. It is during this time that I like to incorporate some miscellaneous subjects — ones that don’t necessarily need to be covered every day, but things I want to expose the kids to.

This would include things like composer study, artist study, learning vocabulary words, devotional study, Bible reading, poetry, and much more. Most of these are little “extras” that are fun to add, but I don’t have time to do them every day.

Trying Something a Little Different

I decided to set things up a little different this year. Before we always read our Bible story, then I would read out of another book or two on different topics. We would finish that book before moving to another one.

This year I decided to start every morning with our Bible story, and then after that I would have a looping schedule where I would rotate the subjects that we cover each day.

Make a Loop Schedule

I set up a note in Evernote for our Morning Time Learning, and then made out a list of the “subjects” that I wanted to cover and listed them in a loop.

Morning Time Learning

As you can see above, I created a series of 8 days, with some subjects repeating during that series.

Each line counts for a day.

Then I took that series of 8 and repeated it until I had roughly the number of days we plan to do school. (I only planned out enough for 34 weeks I think, to give me some wiggle room if we have days we don’t get our Morning Learning Time done.)

Plan What to Cover Each Day

After I got this rotation all listed out, then I went through the planned out what we were going to do each day for that subject.

For example, we are going to be reading through the Biblical worldview book called “Who Is God?”. So I took the book and divided it up so I knew about how many pages to read each time. I then indicated the page numbers in my plan.

We are going to be doing some art study, so I figured out what artists I wanted to cover (I chose two) and then I divided it up over the loop schedule.

Morning Time Learning Too

For the composer study, we are going to be listening to some audiobooks and watching some Youtube videos, so I simply added the link for what we are going to do on those days.

Using My Tablet for Morning Time

When we do our Morning Time Learning, I will have my tablet open to Evernote so I can see our schedule, and on days when we listen to an audio or watch a video, I can just click on the link and we will listen/watch right from my tablet at the table.

Once we complete our Morning Time Learning, I will click in the box for the day to mark we completed it. The next day I will know to just do the next thing on the list!

Morning Time Learning Checklist

I have all the items I need for our Morning Time Learning all together in a tub that sits by our table. That way I can easily pull out what I need for that day and put it back in the tub until next time.

Resources I Used For This Step

Next time we will look at how I plan our Together School time in the afternoon, when we do our history and science studies.

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