Yesterday’s Classics – Huge Sale!

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If you are looking for some great reading material to use for read-aloud time or for personal reading, you have to check out this huge sale at Yesterday’s Classics!

They have packaged the Kindle and Epub versions of every single book they have available (that makes 225 books!) and are making them available as one huge set…for only $49.95, but only through August 31, 2013!

Yes, you read that right.  If you bought these books separately you would spend $648.80 for the Kindle/Epub versions or $$2,495.75 for the softcover print versions!

I bought this set last year and have used this in our own homeschool.

This 225 ebook set includes books on the following topics: world history, nature, ancient Greece, fables, ancient Rome, kindergarten, fairy tales, Britain, Shakespeare, faith, early civilizations, poetry, middle ages, legends, renaissance and exploration, science, readers, American history, Christmas stories, literature, and biography.

It is truly amazing the amount of books you get in this set…go now to the Yesterday’s Classics website for more details and to see a complete list of all the books included in this set!

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