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My Kids’ Adventures {neat website full of fun for families}

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If you are needing some fun ideas for family times with your kids, you HAVE to check out this website…My Kids’ Adventures! It was just launched last week so more content will be added as the weeks go by, but there are some great ideas already posted.

What is this site all about?  Here is a blurb from the site:

Here are some tidbits about the My Kids’ Adventure project:

  • What is it? A free online magazine for busy parents (and grandparents) looking to create fun adventures with their kids anywhere (from the house to the backyard to the great outdoors)
  • Who is behind it? This site is a property of Social Media Examiner and was founded by Michael Stelzner.
  • What type of content do you publish? Think indoor camping, glow in the dark bowling in your home, how to make a Star Wars movie with your kids, how to have a backyard water Olympics and so on.  The sky is the limit!
  • Why create this resource? The founder, Michael Stelzner, has three young girls who are growing up quickly. They were finding adventure with their gadgets.  Mike wanted to create a resource for busy parents like him who want to bring adventure back to the family.

Sound fun? CLICK HERE to check out this brand new site today!


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