My Cleaning Calendar {an update}

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I have shared before how I set up my cleaning schedule at the Keep and Share website.  Well, since I originally set up my calendar there, they have started charging for their service.  I can still have a free account, but it is very limited.  I am not allowed more than one calendar and cannot offer a feed to my cleaning calendar any more.

Since I can no longer use the “feed” for my cleaning calendar at Keep and Share, I have gone in and set up a Google calendar for my cleaning schedule and replaced the Keep and Share feed link with the new Google cleaning calendar.  Use this link to import the iCal feed into any of your calendars such as Outlook, mobile phone calendar apps, or Google Calendar!

Here is the new iCal feed:

Simply import my cleaning calendar into your favorite calendar program and then edit it to fit your family.  I love having my cleaning set up this way because I can set up items to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonally.  I took all my cleaning chores and set them up in this calendar so that each week I just print out my cleaning calendar and put it on the refrigerator.  The cleaning jobs are divided up between all of us and we get them done during our chore time.  As jobs are completed they are crossed off.  If for some reason we don’t get something done during the week, I use Fridays to catch up and finish those tasks that were not completed yet.

You can find my cleaning calendar on embedded on my site here as well.  You will find the link under my Homemaking tab at the top of my site.

This is another area that I have “simplified” and I’ll probably do a more thorough post about this later this year.  For now I just wanted to make you aware of the updated feed link.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. This was the BEST find ever, Sheri! I've had "create a cleaning schedule" on my to-do list for a while and was dreading all the time it takes to set one up. I just imported yours into Google calendar...and wah-la! Instant customizable calendar. :)
    1. Yeah Mindi! I am SO glad my cleaning calendar was helpful for you. I love using Google calendar too because I can sync it with my Kindle and my other calendars. But please feel free to change things up and make it "your own" :). Many blessings to you!
  2. Thanks, Sheri! I've used your calendar in the past but have gotten away from it... I'll be looking at it again now that I'm using google calendar too! Thanks so much for sharing!

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