Making Easter Memorable

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I decided to do some fun things with the kids this week in preparation for Easter.



Yesterday we made Easter Gardens.  I had saved some egg cartons for us to use for this.  Here is how we made them.

First, I did a Google search online for a couple pictures.  I found one picture of Jesus’ tomb, and one picture of a garden.  I copy and pasted these pictures into Word, resized them so they were big enough to fit in the inside of the lid of the egg carton, then printed them out on photo paper.

We cut the pictures out and glued them inside the lid.

After the pictures were glued in, then we went outside to fill up the egg carton with potting soil.  The kids decided how many cups they wanted to leave empty to fill with a few rocks and water (to make a pond).  Then we came back inside to plant some wheat berries in the soil.

The kids also found some big white rocks from our flowerbed to use for the rock in front of the tomb.  We cleared off a little table to put all the Easter Gardens on.  We had to use a rock behind the lid of the egg cartons to help prop them up.  We then set the big rock in front of the opening of the tomb in the picture.  We then watered the soil and filled up the empty cups with water.

Now the fun part of waiting for the wheat grass to grow.  I told the kids on Easter morning they get to come out and move their rocks away from the tomb.  They were pretty excited about that!


I will share later this week some more activities that we have done.  May each of you have a blessed Holy Week!

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  1. What a great idea! I wanted to do an Easter garden but got stuck in the process. I have tons of egg cartons! Thanks for sharing!

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