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I have been praying about what to do for homeschool next year.  I always enjoy looking over catalogs, browsing online, etc., and coming up with a “plan” for the new year.  I actually like to have the next year’s plans and curriculum bought before summer break.  That way I can enjoy the summer break!

There are some subjects that I absolutely LOVE to use ebooks for.  Instead of buying consumable workbooks, I buy the ebook once and reuse it for all the kids coming after.  I thought I’d share about a few ebooks that I found at Currclick this past week.  I love some of Christian Liberty Press’s materials and found that they offer some of their books as ebooks at Currclick!

Here are a few I am thinking about getting to use for my 1st grader next year.  These are on sale, too, until April 5th…they are VERY reasonable!  (Click on the book covers to go to the product page at Currclick.)

UPDATE:  I actually changed my mind after looking at these phonics books closer.  I think my 1st grader will be able to jump to Level B (which is supposed to be for 1st grade) even though he has not gone through Level A (the level for Kindergarten).  Level B reviews all the letter sounds and then moves on to more phonics instruction.  He knows all his letters and sounds, so I think he’ll be ok.  Anyway…here are the Level B books that I decided to get instead:

Here is the spelling book I am going to use for my 1st grader next year:

Here are a couple that I bought for my 6th grader for next year.  He is so excited to start these, that he actually is starting on them now!

This Daily Geography workbook looks like a fun way for my 6th grader (next year) to learn some geography skills.  There are two questions for each day of the week, and each week uses one map or graph to use for answering the questions.  Again, I like that this resource is reusable and can be used for more than just one child.  (Note:  They have “Daily Geography” for several different grades, as well as other topics of study in their “Daily” series.  Take a look!

This is a HUGE science resource book full of pages on different science topics for grades 1-6.  There are simple activites to do, cut and paste type activities, pages to color or just read through and learn.  My son is looking forward to making a science notebook  and working through this book next year.  I have been printing out some of the pages and using them with my preschooler and kindergartner…they love it!

Well…that’s it for now.  I just had to share these neat resources I found for our homeschool next year.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. OOOh! I love the look of the Geography. Wish they made books for even younger, but maybe I'll see what the first book is and try it out anyway with my little one. (Geography is a weak spot for this mama)

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