How to Make a Difference When You Are a Stay-at-Home Mom {Part 4 of 7-Make Scarves to Send Overseas}

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If you enjoy knitting or crocheting, a very simple ministry you can do is making scarves to send overseas. I know one mom who taught her kids how to knit and they had fun knitting scarves every day during their read-aloud time. Or there may be times when you are relaxing in the evening, when you can take up your knitting or crocheting and get a few rows done on a scarf.

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Today I am going to highlight a couple different ministries as possibilities for you to look into. You may know of a ministry local to you that does this same sort of thing. If so, feel free to go through the local ministry! Whichever ministry you choose to go through, please check the specific guidelines for each ministry. They have specific instructions for the items to be made and how they are to be labeled when submitted to them.

Knit Together in Love

For the past 10+ years, Ashley has coordinated the knitting of scarves to send to missionaries all over the world to distribute to children in need. Last year I made several scarves and sent them to her. It was a lot of fun and it was a blessing knowing that I was ministering to someone in need while I sat knitting during my spare time in the evenings!

Her ministry is called Knit Together in Love. Head on over to her website for more details on this ministry!

Scarves for Soldiers

Scarves for Soldiers collects and distributes homemade scarves to soldiers serving overseas. They encourage you to send along a hand-written note or card that will be attached to your scarf when sent to the soldiers. What a neat way to encourage your military and let them know they are being remembered and prayed for!

Please note that when making scarves to be sent to soldiers, only scarves made with wool or cotton can be mailed to those serving in active duty. Other yarn made with plastics (like acrylics) melt and can be to dangerous for soldiers. They do collect scarves made with other types of yarn, but these will be sent to those serving state-side or to veterans. They also have certain colors that the scarves need to be made out of. So just read their rules carefully!

How to Knit & Crochet Tutorials

If you would like to know how to knit, click here for knitting tutorials on my Homeschooling Central site!

Or if you want to crochet a scarf, then check out these crochet tutorials.

Patterns to Use

Here are a couple patterns suggested on the Scarves for Soldiers site.

Here is a pattern for an easy crocheted scarf. I personally have made this one and love it!

Here is a list of 59 different crocheted scarf patterns to choose from!

Another huge list of crocheted scarf patterns.

Here is a huge list of knitted scarf patterns.


I hope you are beginning to see that there are little things that you can be doing to bless and minister to others.

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