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I am really excited to tell you about a U.S. history product that I have used in our homeschool for years and love it. It is called Learn Our History.

Learn Our History is a video series that teaches about U.S. history in a fun and educational way that kids love.

At the time we first heard of Learn Our History, it was a monthly subscription service where we paid monthly and received one DVD in the mail. My kids couldn’t wait for another DVD to come each month. They not only loved watching them, but they learned so much!

I can’t tell you how many times we have been talking about U.S. history or they hear something on TV, and my kids will chime in with “We learned that on Learn Our History!”

What’s New With Learn Our History

EverBright Media is now releasing the Learn Our History product as a monthly subscription, but you get FOUR new videos each month!

You can choose between two different subscription options: online streaming only or physical DVD and streaming.

What Comes With Your Subscription

Each month you will receive access to four new videos, as well as worksheets and online quizzes to test your child’s knowledge! There are two subscription options: one that is just streaming videos, and one that is physical DVDs + streaming.

Another benefit of membership is that you will accumulate CollegeSave points each month that can be applied toward college tuition! That’s right! The points you will receive each month are worth more than the monthly subscription!

Take a look inside Learn Our History!

How to Use Learn Our History In Your Homeschool

I actually use the Learn Our History DVDs as a supplement to our history studies. But there is no reason why you could not use it as the foundation of your study.

Each week you will have a video to watch, worksheets to do, online quizzes to do, and then you can add in some reading aloud if you want (which we love).

Click here to check out Learn Our History today!

Even if you are studying something else for history, the Learn Our History videos are great for something to do when the kids are bored. My kids loved sitting down in the afternoon and watching one of the DVDs.

Save for College While Your Kids Learn

As I shared above, each month you remain a member, you will accumulate CollegeSave points. These points can then be applied towards tuition at participating colleges. You will be given 1,000 CollegeSave points when you first sign up for a subscription, and then 250 points each month you remain a member. (1,000 CollegeSave Points is worth $1,000 credit towards college tuition at select colleges!)

The College Save points can be used by one child or split up between children. You continue to accumulate points for each month you are a member. This is a great way to not only enjoy an amazing U.S. history resource, but save for the college at the same time!

Being a part of the CollegeSave program also gives you access to free online tutors, videos, and email help on topics regarding homework help, college savings tips, college application and tuition helps, and more!

If and when you discontinue being a member, you will be able to keep your points to be used toward college tuition, you just will not accrue any additional points.

Launch Party Bonuses!

UPDATE: Launch Party is over! Congratulations to the winner of the Amazon Gift Card: Vicky – crazymommyguard@….

Since the Learn Our History product is being launched tomorrow in a new format, I thought it would be fun to have a little party! Read all the details below to see how you could win 1 of 20 free Learn Our History DVDs OR win an Amazon Gift Card equal to your first month’s membership fee!

Launch Party runs from March 7-13, 2019.

The first 20 customers to sign up will receive a free Learn Our History DVD (sent in the mail). I have some extra DVDs and I thought it would be fun to give them away!

All customers who sign up during the Launch Party will be entered to win an Amazon Gift card that equals their first month’s membership. I wanted to give away a free first month to someone, and thought that doing an Amazon gift card would be the easiest way to do that! I will draw one winner on March 14, 2019.

Click here to check out Learn Our History today!

Want to find out more about Learn Our History?

If you want to find out more information about the Learn Our History product, I want to invite you to join my “EverBright Media with Sheri” Facebook Group! I have been sharing all kinds of information about what Learn Our History is and everything that comes with your subscription. Plus you can even view some video clips from some of the videos! Just click here to join! I will be in the group to answer any questions you have!

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