The 12-Week Holiday Planner is HERE!

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The 12-Week Holiday Planner for the Christian Family is here!

Thank you for being so patient with us as we completed this update of the Holiday Planner.  Here are some of the changes to this edition:

  • more forms have been added
  • some pretty graphics are sprinkled throughout the planner
  • we have expanded the craft section to provide many more ideas to get you started
  • holiday coloring pages have been added
  • two bonus weeks (Weeks 13 & 14) have been added with some neat after-Christmas family tradition ideas
  • Ann Voskamp’s Jesse Tree devotionals have not been included in this edition.  Ann has not finished re-writing them yet (she is actually in Guatemala right now with Compassion).  Her devotionals will hopefully be available as a separate ebook/book later this fall.

We have created a neat website for not only the Holiday Planner, but we offer a great holiday resources page that you will LOVE!

We are also offering a wonderful Holiday Combo Set that includes the Holiday Planner plus 4 other holiday ebooks!

Head on over to our brand new website and check it all out:

We pray that The Holiday Planner will be a blessing to you and your family as you head into the holiday season.

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    1. I actually provide some neat links on the Holiday Resources page on the Holiday Planner website. There are a couple links to Jesse Tree devotionals and activities online. I am really hoping Ann will have her devotionals done later this fall, but there are some things online you can use instead. So..go check out the resources page here:
  1. Sheri I have a question. Since I have the first edition of this, is there any way to get the bonus pages that you added to the second edition or is it all mixed together? Just curious, because I love using mine every year and I don't want to miss out on the new ideas and cuteness you might have added. LOL! But if there is no way then that's okay, I completely understand. Big hugs to you girlie!
    1. Hi Kim, Well, the new pages are mixed in, graphics have been added to a lot of the forms, etc. So, I'm sorry, there isn't an easy way to just pull the "new" stuff. Big hugs to you, too, Kim!

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