Yummy Toffee Recipe!

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My friend, Marilyn Moll (whose holiday timetable is used in the 12-Week Holiday Planner), has an awesome toffee recipe available on her blog.  Just look at this picture…makes you want to reach out and grab a piece, doesn’t it?  This recipe for Enstrom’s Style Toffee is one of Marilyn’s most popular posts.

This toffee would make great gifts for family and friends.  Wrap some up in some pretty candy bags or put into pretty holiday tins.

Click here to go to Marilyn’s blog and print the recipe today!  

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    1. Hi Nikki, No this recipe is not a THM recipe. I will clearly say in the recipes on my site if they are THM. I have a lot of different recipes -- some just good old homemade food, some whole foods type recipes, and more. But this one is not a THM one!
  1. Thank you geri for sharing this recipe! Can you tell me how much grams is one cup? We in uk use cups that are 200ml (mugs). It would really help to have weight in grams or Oz mentioned. Thanks
    1. Hi Ilona, I looked it up online and found this page that gives a bunch of conversions. Check this page out and see if that helps to convert this recipe: https://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_many_grams_are_in_a_cup

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