Book Review: Ten Great Adventurers AND Ten Girls from History

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I was so excited when Amy sent me copies of her two brand new books:  Ten Girls from History and Ten Great Adventurers!  As a homeschooling mom, I love having good history books to read to my children…and these books fit the bill!

Ten Girls from History includes stories of ten women, such as Molly Pitcher, Louisa May Alcott, Clara Barton, and more!  It is an old book that Amy has republished into a beautiful format.  The heart of the original book has been preserved, but Amy has made some grammatical and other changes to make it easier to understand and more relevant for the modern reader.

Ten Great Adventurers is another fun book filled with stories of ten men such as Daniel Boone, David Livingstone, and more.  This is a wonderful book full of “heroes” for our boys to emulate!

Another great feature of these books is that they make great read-aloud material!  The chapters are not too long, so you can read one chapter in a sitting, or more if you just can’t stop!  You can also use these books as resources in your history studies.  Since each story stands alone, you can pick and choose which ones to read and when.  Another idea is to use them as a spine for a notebooking project.  Have your sons and daughters make up “Heroes from the Past” notebooks…after reading each chapter about one of the “heroes” create a notebook page about that person that includes a picture, what they were famous for, notable character qualities, famous quotes, etc.  The ideas are endless!

I can heartily recommend both of these new books…AND Amy is running a sale this week (May 2-6)! Grab your copies now while they are on sale!

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Amy is running a special sale May 2-6, 2011…use Discount Code: MAY2011 to get $10 OFF of each printed book!

Click here for more details on each of these books:  Ten Girls from History and Ten Great Adventurers

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