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I wanted to mention this free one-year science curriculum for 7-12 year olds that is being offered by Mr. Q.  He currently has four (4) ebooks available:

Life Science FREE!

Earth Science


Physical Science

The complete Life Science ebook is being offered for FREE so that you can see what the curriculum is, use it, and then purchase the other three (3) if you like it.  Elementary Life Science includes both a Student Copy (over 400 pages) and a Parent Copy (over 300 pages).  Each book has been designed on a 36-week schedule and includes 9 units (1 unit to be completed each month).  Each unit contains readings, worksheets, and activities to be completed during the month.  The Parent Copy contains a 3-day schedule (do the reading and a reinforcement worksheet 1 day, then activities 2 days), answer keys for each unit, and unit tests and answer keys.

The Student Copy can either be printed out (in color) or read on the computer.  If you plan on reading the text on the computer, then you will only have about 20 pages per month of worksheets, reviews, tests, etc. to print out.  The activities that go with each unit do not require expensive materials.  Most things you will be able to find around the house.

While this curriculum has not been written from a Christian perspective, after glancing through the Life Science ebook I really did not see anything that would be objectionable.  Mr. Q actually wrote this curriculum with homeschoolers in mind. He is a junior high science teacher who began writing curriculum to tutor and offer classes for homeschoolers.  Anyway….My 11 year old son was really wanting something this year that he could do some “hands-on” activities with.  After looking over the Life Science curriculum with him last night, he was very excited about it.  So I think we will give it a try.

Click here to go to the Classic Science page where you can see all four volumes available….OR click here to go to the free Life Science volume that you can download.  He also offers sample chapters for each of the other three volumes as well so you can

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