Declutter Challenge Update: Tackling a kitchen drawer and my recipes and cookbooks!

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Declutter in 2015

I finally was able to get some more decluttering projects done this week, so I thought I’d share. This month we are still in the kitchen and the focus is on finishing up going through drawers, cupboards, and dishes, sorting and organizing my recipes and cookbooks, and getting menu planning system in place. Since I already have a system in place for my menu planning, I focused this week on cleaning out the last kitchen drawer and going through my cookbooks and recipes.

My first project was this kitchen drawer. Yeah, I know it is quite the mess! It really needed a cleaning….


I decided to pull out all the cookie cutters and put them in a cupboard above the microwave. That freed up a lot of space in this drawer, making it much easier to get out the things I need. Here is how the drawer looks now….


The next project was my cookbooks and recipe books. As you can see in the picture, I really only have a few actual cookbooks, then the rest are notebooks that house tons of cookbook type ebooks and recipes printed from the internet. I have a notebook for canning recipes, one for essential oil information, one for cultured, fermented, sourdough type recipes, my THM notebook, a dessert notebook, and my main recipe notebook.

As you can see in the picture below, I had stacks of recipes I printed from the internet and my THM notebook piled on top of the microwave, notebooks stacked beside the microwave, and more notebooks and papers filling the cupboard shelf.


I went through everything and weeded out tons of recipes, got rid of one cookbook, got my THM notebook organized, and got everything put back and looking much neater and cleaner…


I still have more projects I want to get done this week. Our big upright freezer still needs to be cleaned out and I have a few cupboards that need decluttered and cleaned. We’ll see how much time and energy I have!

It has been fun to hear from several readers who have been inspired to do some decluttering in their own homes. Personally I am loving having these decluttering calendars because I can work on small projects at a time and not feel overwhelmed. You can still hop on over and sign up to receive your own Declutter 2015 calendars!

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