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  1. Hi, Sheri! I LOVE these precious little booties! Seriously, how much would you charge for a pair? My littlest NEEDS some. ;) (Love your website.)
    1. Hi Sheila, I was reposting some of my old posts as I was moving my blog posts over and the link to the pattern I used did not work any more. I did some searching and found this pattern at a different link. I updated this post to show this pattern that I have made. It is at the top of the post. How old is your little one? Would you want ones for a boy or girl? They don't take long to make. I can't remember how big they are...if they would be too small for anything but a newborn. Anyway...send me a note and let me know. I love crocheting and I could try a pair again and see how big they are. I'll wait to hear from you. I think I have some pink yarn I could use...or you could choose another color if you want. Again, just let me know. Hugs, Sheri
      1. Thanks, Sheri! Stephanie is 5 months old. She's sleeping, or I'd measure her feet for ya. :) (I can get back to you soon with that, if you'd like). Color-wise, I think white would be cute, or black. Either one would be pretty versatile. I'm thinking, for church. Have a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow! Sheila

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