Crochet Mary Jane Booties

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This is the pattern for the Mary Jane Booties that I have made before.  They are very easy to make. I can’t find the original pattern any more at the link where I got it from, so I am posting the directions below for you.

Fake Mary Janes
Designs by: Abigail Goss

Small amount pink, worsted weight yarn
“I” Crochet hook

Size=0-6 months
Gauge: Sole measures 3 1/2″

Ch 8
1. 2 Hdc in 3rd ch from hook, DC in next 4 chs, 6dc in last ch. Working on other side of chain, in free loops, HDC in next 4 chs. (3 HDC) in last ch. Join w/ sl st to beg ch. (20 sts)

2. CH 1, 2 sc in same st. sc in next 8 sts, (2sc in next st)3 times. Sc in next 6 sts. (2 sc in next st)2 times. Join with sl st to first sc. (26 sts)

3.(Working in back loops this rnd)Ch 2, Hdc in each st around. Join (26 sts)

4. Ch 2, hdc in next 10 sts, (Dc next 2 sts tog)3 times. Hdc in next 7 sts. Hdc next 2 sts tog. Join to first hdc.

5.CH 1, sc in same st. sc in next 9 sts. DC 5 sts TOG as one—>[(YO, insert hook in next st, yo, pull up a loop, pull through 2 loops on hook)5 times. YO and pull through all loops on hook]. sc in next 7 sts. Join to first sc.

6. Ch 1, sc in same st. sc in next 6 sts. Ch *4*, sk next 7 sts. sc in last 4 sts. Join to first sc (15)

7. Ch 1, sc in same st. sc in all stitches around. Join (15)

***For bigger strap, or bigger leg, chain 5 on round 6***

Here is another pattern for Mary Janes that is a little more complex!

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  1. Hi, Sheri! I LOVE these precious little booties! Seriously, how much would you charge for a pair? My littlest NEEDS some. ;) (Love your website.)
    1. Hi Sheila, I was reposting some of my old posts as I was moving my blog posts over and the link to the pattern I used did not work any more. I did some searching and found this pattern at a different link. I updated this post to show this pattern that I have made. It is at the top of the post. How old is your little one? Would you want ones for a boy or girl? They don't take long to make. I can't remember how big they are...if they would be too small for anything but a newborn. Anyway...send me a note and let me know. I love crocheting and I could try a pair again and see how big they are. I'll wait to hear from you. I think I have some pink yarn I could use...or you could choose another color if you want. Again, just let me know. Hugs, Sheri
      1. Thanks, Sheri! Stephanie is 5 months old. She's sleeping, or I'd measure her feet for ya. :) (I can get back to you soon with that, if you'd like). Color-wise, I think white would be cute, or black. Either one would be pretty versatile. I'm thinking, for church. Have a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow! Sheila

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