Blogging Plans: Bringing You More in 2015!

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I am so excited about some changes I am going to be bringing to my blog. This past year has been a year of growth for me personally and on this blog.

Blogging Plans: Bringing You More in 2015!

I spent some time looking over my posts from the past year and looking at the kind of content that you like to see here. Based on that, I will be using more of a schedule for my blog posts, bringing you more of the content that you want! Yeah! Here are the types of posts that you will find here in the new year:

  • Trim Healthy Mama type posts. These will probably be on Mondays and will include THM recipes (by me and others I enjoy), THM helps, and some more personal posts about my THM progress. To be honest, I have struggled this past year staying on the Trim Healthy Mama plan and am looking forward to getting back on track. I am using my Intentional Journal to track my weight, 3 things I am thankful for, and my THM menu plan for each day. Sometimes I will share from my personal journal to give you a more personal look into my THM journey.
  • Decluttering Challenge. I am really excited to be doing the Declutter Your Home in 15 Minutes a Day Challenge. On Tuesdays I am going to be posting what I got done the previous week. I worked on my daily schedule over this past weekend and blocked out a 30 minute slot during my weekdays to do this challenge. I know I probably won’t get everything done, but I know anything will help! I love the fact that each job is small and makes it less overwhelming. Want to join me?
  • Books I Read This Week + Books I Plan to Read. You will see these posts on Wednesdays. As you all know, I love to read and am really excited about posting about my progress in this area. Not only will I post what I am reading personally, but I am going to include what I am reading aloud to the kids as well. Should be fun! If you want to peek into the books I have read the past couple of years, you can find those here!
  • DIY Projects | New Recipes Tried | Crafts | Homeschool Stuff | Home Business Tips. Thursdays will be my day to rotate many different topics that I love! These posts don’t fall in any of the other categories and yet are things that I want to post about. Lots of variety that way!
  • Recap of Our Week. On Fridays I will be posting about our week. One of my goals for this new year is to share more of my life with you. Sometimes it is easy to avoid the nitty gritty of our days, but I want to be authentic with you, sharing my struggles and victories too. I can’t wait to begin these posts!

While I don’t promise to stick to this schedule 100% of the time (because I am a mommy of 5 and life just happens sometimes!), I am really looking forward to having some sort of direction to my blogging. I have so much I want to share and at the same time sometimes feel so overwhelmed with getting it all typed out into posts.

I hope you are looking forward to this new year as much as I am! I thank the Lord for each of you, my readers, because without you I would not have any reason to do what I do. God has called me to this for a reason, and each time I receive an encouraging comment or email, it confirms in my heart that I need to continue on.

Have a wonderful day and look for more new blog posts coming this week!

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    1. Hi Katie, It is hard sometimes getting a schedule that works for both you and your readers. Sometimes it just takes some time to get in the right groove. Wishing you the best on your blog!

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