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Wow! It is Friday already! Where did the week go? Today I just wanted to send out a quick note to let you know about some projects I am working on, as well as giving you some important updates that interest you. I will make this quick, because I have lots to do today to prepare for my father-in-law and mother-in-law’s 50th wedding anniversary reception tomorrow at our house! I am baking and decorating the cake today, as well as doing some decorating. So…here it goes!



A while back I sent out a note stating that I wasn’t sure about the future of the Intentional Planner site. It takes a lot of work each year to update all the files for the new year and I just didn’t know if I would be able to continue. Well, thanks to some thoughts from my readers, I have a solution!

I have the capability of making these planner pages editable, which is one of the really nice features of these pages. Since I have the ability to do that with the software I have, I decided to make all the forms that are labeled with the current year editable so that you can simply go in and type in the current year yourself. This will save me a ton of work each summer and will allow you to go in and make the “year” any year you want it to you.

I will still be creating new monthly calendars and some new covers for the Intentional Planner site each summer, but having all the other planner pages with the “year” editable will greatly reduce my work load and allow me to continue to offer this valuable resource to you!

If you are an Intentional Planner member, you can log in and see the new editable pages that I have done. I believe I have them all updated except the monthly calendar pages. I will be working on those, as well as some new pretty covers, and getting them loaded to the site next week.


I recently became aware that according to Amazon’s Terms of Service, when I include Amazon affiliate links in my posts, they cannot be sent out via email or RSS. To comply with this, I was able to install a WordPress plugin that will remove those links from my RSS feed. Since I send out my RSS feed through my newsletter, that means that those links will be removed from the newsletter I send out as well.

My options were to change my newsletter to only show a partial post (so that my readers could click through to my site to view the links) or simply add a note to my post stating that if you read my posts via email or RSS reader, then you will need to click through to my post to view the links. Since many of you expressed in the past that you really like viewing my whole posts in your email, I decided to go the route of adding a note to any of my posts that contain Amazon affiliate links.

My desire is to do what is best for my readers, but it is hard sometimes when I have to comply with “rules” that are out of my control. By having to comply with this rule, it means those of you that want to see those links because you are interested in the book or product I am recommending, will have to click through to my post to see them. I hope it will not inconvenience you too much, but I tried to come up with a solution that would be best for you, my dear readers.


Vol3-cover  Vol4-cover

I have two more volumes to complete The Reader’s Bible series. I am currently working on Vol. 3 – Job to Song of Solomon and hope to have it complete within the next week or so. Then I will work on getting the last volume, Vol. 4 – Isaiah to Malachi, completed to finish out the series.

Thank you for your patience as this project has kind of taken a back burner lately. I have my to do list made, though, and have been working hard to get through these last two volumes and get them done. Thank you to those that have expressed appreciation for The Reader’s Bible and shared with me how much you are enjoying being able to read the Bible through without the distractions. Remember — I am making the PDF files of these volumes available for free here!


I am really excited to begin writing a brand new book! My focus right now is on completing The Reader’s Bible series, but once that is done, my full attention will be on writing this new book. Many of you completed a survey I sent out a while back, and after taking a look at the struggles and challenges that you all are dealing with, it was very clear to me what I wanted to cover in my new book. That’s all I am going to say for now, but I am so excited about it! More details coming in the months ahead!


May each of you have a blessed weekend! As I shared in a post earlier this week, don’t take today for granted. Treat each and every “today” as a gift from God!

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