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Yesterday I found this wonderful resource by Faith Comes by Hearing.  It is called Bible.is Online.  They have the whole Bible in dramatized audio that you can listen to either online or with Apps for your iPhone, iPad, or Android!  They even have an App for Facebook that I am using on my Facebook page.  With the Facebook App, I was able to create a group and select a “program” to work through.  I selected the 40 day journey through the New Testament first, but there are others that take you through the whole Bible in a year, and there is one for just Psalms and Proverbs too.   The other Apps have this feature too!

Bible.is allows you to create your own account if you wish.  Having your own account allows you to create bookmarks, notes, etc.  It is REALLY neat!  I am really looking forward to using this resource every day.  I also think this would be a wonderful tool if you have children who are wanting to read through the Bible but are not really good readers yet.  Just have them listen to the audio and follow along in their Bibles.

Click here to check out Bible.is….you will be blessed!


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