Teaching your preschooler {without all the fuss}

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My three youngest children…a couple years ago.

As a mom with five children, I have had to learn to simplify areas of my life over the years.  One of these areas is in the homeschooling of my preschoolers.  Now, I hate to even say they are being “homeschooled” because I don’t believe too much formal schoolwork needs to be done when they are so little, but at the same time our children are always learning.  I like to use the early years to ignite a love of learning and begin laying the foundation for more learning that will come as they get older.

You may ask how I do that?  It has been very simple and very effective.  Several years ago I sat down and wrote down a list of all the things that I wanted my preschoolers to learn, such as learning their letters and sounds, basic counting skills, Bible verses, telling time, etc.  Then I began brainstorming how I could teach these things to my children in an easy way.  Now you have to understand that I am a notebooking girl!  I have notebooks for my recipes, my craft patterns, my Intentional Planner, my herbal remedies, my canning and gardening information…you get the idea!

So…I thought, “Why not just put all this information that I would like my preschoolers to learn onto pages in a notebook?”  It was such a wonderful idea and I went to work right away.  I made ABC pages, counting pages, colors and shapes pages, Bible verses, and more.  What I ended up with was over 200 pages of fun things for my preschoolers to learn.  I then made up my preschool notebook by printing out the pages for us to begin working on and slid them into sheet protectors in a notebook (with a personalized cover of course!).

Now for the fun part...to teach my preschoolers I would snuggle up with them on the couch with their “preschool” notebook and we would read through the pages together.  So simple.  I would begin by telling my child the information on the page, then as they started to learn I would ask them what was on the page.  This worked so well and was not overwhelming to my children.  They learned their letters and sounds, colors, shapes, numbers and counting, etc….all by just snuggling up and reading through their notebook together.  You can find my Learning for the “Littles”-a Preschool Notebook here.  You can also read an old post here that shows a bunch of sample pages!

So here is my simple plan for teaching preschoolers:

1.  Write out a list of everything you want your preschooler to learn.

2.  Make up notebooking pages for their preschool notebook (or purchase my Learning for the “Littles”-a Preschool Notebook here)

3.  Print out your pages onto card stock paper (this makes them easier to use and last longer!)

4.  Slide the pages into sheet protectors and place in a 3-ring binder.

5.  Have your child help you create a pretty cover for their preschool notebook.  Maybe use a picture of them, along with their name, etc.

6.  Every day snuggle up with your little one and read through their notebook (Use this time to also read some other books of their choice).

You will be amazed how much your preschooler will learn just through this simple activity.  If you have preschoolers…give this a try!

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