Being a wife and mother with my WHOLE heart!

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Recently it has been really heavy on my heart the matter of how ladies talk to other ladies about their God-given rolls of wife and mother (including myself at times). A few days ago I was in a conversation with a couple other ladies (listening more than participating) and listened as the ladies talked about various mothering tasks. It was as if they were trying to take the easiest route in everything…to not make too much work for themselves, complaining about their children, talking as if being a wife and mother was a “chore” they had to endure. Now, I don’t know these ladies hearts, but I had to stand there and listen to what was being said and wonder if that is how I come across to others.

Is this the message that we should be portraying not only to others, but to our very husband and children? I don’t think so. I know there are times in our mothering that are not as enjoyable as others….situations that take a lot of work, a lot of time, a lot of discipline….but it is during those times that we have the opportunity to embrace joy…to embrace the wonderful calling that God has given us…to find things to be thankful for…and in the process find true joy and peace that only He can give. But…is this what we do..what I do? OR do we tend to wallow in self-pity, to resent our children for how much work they are, to make grunts, groans, and sighs a regular part of our day?

I am reminded of the verse in Proberbs 14:1 – “A wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.”

A wise woman BUILDS…
builds relationships with her children and husband
builds loveliness in her home through cleanliness and touches of beauty
builds healthy bodies by providing good home-cooked meals for her family
builds a solid relationship with the Lord through daily time in His Word
builds a home where Christ is honored, served, and worshiped

The Lord has really been convicting me in some of these areas lately. Am I truly embracing with JOY… ALL areas of being a wife and mother? Do I count each moment a blessing and a gift from God? Do I pour out myself to my husband and children…offering my whole heart OR do I do things half-heartedly and just “enough” to get by?

My challenge to you (and to myself) is to embrace each moment of the day with joy. Count it ALL joy! God has given you a precious husband and precious children to love and serve. Serve them with your whole heart. Take each mundane task and turn it into an act of worship and service to your Lord and family. Choose JOY! Choose THANKFULNESS! I want to portray to my husband and children what a blessing they are…to build them up…not tear them down by my attitude, my body language, or my words.

When talking to others I want to convey to them this very same attitude…that being a wife and mother is a JOY…and to show them that there is a better way…a way of true joy and peace…but that can only come as we lay down our selfishness, come to Him, and allow Him to fill us with His love and joy.

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that each lady reading this will be challenged to embrace the wonderful calling of wife and mother in a new way. To see each moment as a blessing and to build up their family as they never have before. Help me, Lord, to choose joy…to choose thankfulness…and allow You to change me. Amen.

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  1. This is such a wonderfully put post and just in time as I prepare to adjust our schedule for the new school routine later this month. I have struggled all summer trying to organize/prioritize my time (and the kids') for the new school year so that we are doing things purposefully (toward a specific goal), instead of just to get by. I want to purposefully have a neat home by having a cleaning schedule, feed my family healthy, homemade meals by making meal plans/preparations ahead of time, create peace and joy in my home by staying in God's Word and remembering the passion He placed in my heart as a young child to raise a large family, teach my children, and care for my home. No, it does not ever seem to be the easier route, and I get lots of looks and "friendly" joking comments about our diet, homeschooling, and family size (I struggled emotionally with number 4, also, because it seems like society is only ok with up to 3 children). In times like these, I just have to refocus on the things that I believe God has called me, personally, to. It really brings things into perspective, just as Sheri's post has done!
  2. Thank you so much for this timely post. Lately I 've been very discouraged. We just had our fourth child, and are so excited about her, but can't help but notice the difference in how those around us see our family. We get comments about 'not being responsible' or 'lack of planning' or 'rather have 2 exceptional than 5 mediocre kids raised for the Lord' Then there are random people at Walmart who give unsolicited opinions about the earth being overpopulated, etc.... And then there is this issue. Christian people that are close to you who think it is nothing but a burden and chore to be a homemaker and mommy. I was wondering if anyone out there thought like I do, and here you are. Thank you for your encouragement. Sure, there are days that the constant little things get frustrating, but it is so small compared to the potential for the future who are running around our house right now!
    1. Thank you so much for your note here. I totally understand about people looking at your family with less than encouraging comments. A couple years ago we were in an airport on our way out to see my family on the west coast. Since we have small children, we were lined up to board in the first group (me, my husband, and our 5 children). There were a couple middle-aged ladies in front of us in line. One of the ladies turned around and asked us, "Are those all yours?" I smiled wide and said, "Yes!" What she said next I was totally unprepared for! She said, "You are a menace to society!" Then she quickly turned back around in line with a smug look on her face. It took both my husband and me by such surprise, that we did not say anything in response. It made me furious inside, and then it made me sad for this lady. She does not understand the wonderful gifts that God has given to each of us. So...yes, there are those out there who do not understand, who think and talk critically, but Who are we called to serve and please? God and God alone...not men! I have SO much to work on still has a wife and mom, but I am trying so hard to take each day as a blessing, to live to the fullest each day, and really enjoy and build up my children. Yes I fail, we all do, that is why we need each other - to encourage and spur one another on to love and good deeds. Have a blessed day!
    2. RG- Hang in there. We have 4 children as well and we were blasted with comments after our 4th was born. 3 children can be okay but if you have 4 you MUST be doing this on purpose! :) I am guessing you are still adjusting to having a new baby in the home and for me those comments always hit harder in the midst of transition. Stay the course. Make sure and fill your life with encouragement in your daily walk with Jesus. I have an "encouragement binder" that I referenece when I get discouraged. I print out articles that encourage me in my walk with the Lord, my parenting, and other things that are ENCOURAGING! :) When I get down, I can pull that out and use it to refocus on what Jesus has called me to do! I have prayed for you today. Keep your eyes on Jesus and keep loving on that new little BLESSING!
  3. Amen!!! We have just put in place our new routines and we are all struggling to see how it will work best. It has brought out some areas in my life that I need to work on. Today, the children decided to set a goal of having the "best day ever!" Their definition of best day??? Doing their routine with a cheerful heart and a good attitude! Praise the Lord for that challenge! They make it hard to go around grumpy! :)
  4. YES!!! this is so true! and i'm just as guilty as anyone! it seems like i'm always trying to get through the drudgery, instead of just embracing it. It reminds me of when my teenager is rushing through his work, and i ask him, "what is it that you are trying to GET to, THIS is the point, THIS is what you are doing!" Might as well be telling MYSELF that! thanks for the reminder!!

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