Hands Free Life: 9 Habits for Overcoming Distraction, Living Better, & Loving More

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Hands Free Life Book

I was so excited to get a pre-release copy of Rachel Stafford’s new book, Hands Free Life! When Rachel’s other book came out, Hands Free Mama, I was one of the first to buy! This message is one that needs to be heard and I am beyond excited to tell you about it. Hands Free Life releases September 8th, and if you pre-order the book now, you can get an awesome freebie (see details below)!

I am not quite through reading Hands Free Life yet, but wanted to share some quotes with you today:

“Keeping track of life is knowing you’re on your true path toward fulfillment….It’s investing in what really matters, understanding full well that managing life is the tendency but living life is the goal.”

“Let us not be so consumed with the past that we forget we are here now.”

“Today I vow to notice the good before the bad…the right instead of the wrong…the blessings above the inconveniences…the strengths rather than the weaknesses. Focusing on the positive is the key to finding joy in the most unsuspecting places and in the most challenging times. Today I will notice the good. Bring on the joy!”

Rachel writes with such passion and shares out of all the life lessons that God has taught her. I can’t wait to finish the book and begin applying some of her suggestions to my days!

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Hands Free Life

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