Baby Steps to an Online Business : Using WordPress to Build Your Site

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Using WordPress to Build Your Site

Back when I first started blogging, there were many good free blogging platforms to choose from:  Blogger, WordPress, Typepad, etc.  But as the years have gone by, there is one that seems to have risen to the top…Wordpress.

I am not talking about the free version of WordPress where you can set up a free blog on  I am referring to the WordPress software that you can download for free and install on your own self-hosted website.  Here is a good article that explains the difference between a self-hosted WordPress blog and a free blog on

As WordPress has become such a big name in the past several years, more and more hosting companies are providing easy ways for people to install WordPress on their website.  You no longer have to download the program yourself and install it.  You can simply login to your hosting account’s cpanel (control panel) and click on a link to install WordPress.

Now while I wholeheartedly recommend WordPress, there are other options out there for building your site.  Many hosting companies have their own sitebuilder wizards that you can use to build your site.  But I want to warn you that much of this series will be based on using the self-hosted WordPress.  That is because it is what I am using and what I know about the most.

So now that you have your domain name chosen, it is time to decide if you are going to use WordPress or not.  The next post will cover choosing web hosting service.

Note:  As I stated in the first post, there are some ways that you can sell items online without having a website.  If you have chosen to NOT have a website right now, just skip over these posts for now.  I will be covering these options in later posts!


Baby Steps to an Online Business {blog series}

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  1. Another option, besides Wordpress, that is very easy to work with and can be experimented with at no cost, is Weebly. These is no fee for hosting. You don't have to know HTML, but it can be used if you do know it, and would like to use it to do something different than what is in the design templates offered. You can have a PayPal shopping cart integrated into the site, and upgrading to Pro allows some extra advantages, but is not necessary in every case.
    1. Thanks for that reminder, Diane. Yes, there are some other options out there. Thanks for mentioning Weebly. I know you have done your site with that, right?
      1. Yes; this has been a good experience for me-- it is very easy to work with, and I like the flexibility. They have good customer service, too; this is a plus-- if you have questions you can email them, and someone always responds within a couple of days. For most things, you can just read the info in their help section. Also, there is a website that gives more info specifically about doing things on Weebly:
        1. Thanks for sharing Diane! I "know" Wordpress, so that is what I will focus on in this series, but there are other good options out there. Weebly is one of them! Have a blessed day!

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