Amazing Bathroom Cleaner Recipe

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Vinegar, dish soap, and cleaner bottle on the stove.

I can hardly wait to share this recipe with you!  It. is. AMAZING!  You just have to try it to believe it.

Over the weekend I ran across this recipe on Pinterest and knew I had to try it.  We have very hard water, so my shower, glass shower door, tub, sinks, faucets, all get a wonderful white buildup from the mineral deposits.  I used it in the toilet too!  It took it ALL away, with hardly any scrubbing.  I literally could not believe it.  I have never had ANY cleaner do such a good job..and so easily!  I am going to be trying this to remove grease and grime from my stove and other appliances and see how it works.  I bet it will be just as amazing.

It has only two ingredients too…and is pretty cheap to make!  Oh..and it is good for more than just the bathroom.  I cleaned my kitchen sink and it looks brand new!  Are you ready for the recipe?  I thought so!


24 oz. sprayer bottle
12 oz. Dawn dishsoap-the blue kind (*see note below)
12 oz. white distilled vinegar

To Make:  Heat the vinegar until hot and place in sprayer bottle.  Add Dawn soap, put the lid on, and shake gently to mix.  (You just heat the vinegar to help the vinegar and Dawn mix when you are making this cleaner.  You do NOT have to heat it every time you use it!)

To Use: Spray on surface to be cleaned.  Allow to sit for a bit before gently scrubbing and rinsing.  Allow the cleaner to sit longer, maybe even overnight, on really tough soap scum and mineral deposit buildup.  There will be a lot of suds, so it will take a bit of rinsing to get it all rinsed off, but it is SO worth it!

* A quick note on the Dawn dishsoap.  The recipe I found doesn’t clarify whether or not to use the ultra concentrated version of the blue Dawn or just the classic.  I had the ultra concentrated and so that is what I used.  Looking at the picture of the recipe I found, it looks like she used the ultra concentrated too.  It was pretty sudsy, so I am going to try it with using just the classic blue Dawn dishsoap, NOT the ultra concentrated, and see how that works.

**Another quick note…some readers have described their experience with this cleaner, and it seems that some use less Dawn and more vinegar and that helps cut down on the suds.  One said that she put 1/2 inch of Dawn in the bottom of the spray bottle and filled the rest with vinegar and uses that as a milder cleaner in her kitchen.  So…it appears that you can do some experimenting with this on the ratios, depending on what you want to clean.  Have fun!

If you struggle with finding a cleaner that will cut the soap scum and grime in your bathroom…you absolutely MUST try this.  You will not be looking any further…I promise!

If you are looking for some more bathroom cleaner recipes that are natural and not full of chemicals, check out this post on Tips Bulletin or find even more in my Natural Cleaners for the Home ebook!

Happy cleaning!

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  1. I LOVE vinegar for cleaning. I have just used vinegar with water so I'll have to give this a try. Just the vinegar/water solution does wonders for our hard water so I can't wait to see how much better adding the dish soap works. Thanks for the idea!
  2. Hi Sheri, do you think i can use any dish washing liquid? We do not have "dawn" brand in Uk, but have for eg. "Fairy"... I was actually on the look out for a shower cleaner (we also have very hard water here in London), the ones i have used were no good! Blessings, ilona
    1. Hi Ilona, I'm not sure if other dishsoap will work. I know Dawn is known for cutting the grease, so maybe that is why they use that. I guess give it a try and see! Good luck!
  3. What is the purpose of heating the vinegar? Doesn't it just get cold again and do you heat the mixture up again before using it again?
    1. I think you heat it when you first mix the vinegar and Dawn together to maybe help them mix together better. You don't need to heat it each time you use it. In face, the first batch I made of this I forgot to heat the vinegar at all, and it still worked great. Like I said, I think heating it just helps it to mix together better when you make it. Hope that helps!
  4. Thanks for posting this! I have a lot of issues with hard water too. I look forward to giving it a try. :)

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