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A while back I was introduced to Compass Classroom and was really excited about some of the resources they were creating. At the time I was looking at their American History program, but then decided to go another direction with our studies. I also was very interested in their WordUp! DVDs, but they had not yet released any at the time. Well, now they have these WordUp! DVDs available and also a brand new homeschooling DVD called, Homeschool Made Simple by Carole Joy Seid.

Now I want to tell you a little about each of these products.

Homeschool Made Simple


Homeschool Made Simple is a workshop on DVD or mp4 download that you can purchase to watch at home. After purchasing my set yesterday, I got the first half of the videos downloaded and watched them. Wow! Some of the information I knew already, but I am learning a lot and being encouraged to relax a little as I look to plan our homeschool for next year. Carole shares how you can homeschool with only a Bible, a library card, and a math book! Learn how to homeschool the easy way!

If you are struggling in your homeschool and need a breath of fresh air and encouragement, grab this workshop now!



WordUp! is a fun way for kids to learn vocabulary from the Latin and Greek roots. Dwane Thomas, of Visual Latin, is the star of this new show teaching Latin and Greek roots, as well as hundreds of English vocabulary words. WordUp! expands a student’s grasp of the vocabulary used in literature, science, and standardized tests. I am downloading these mp4 files this morning and will burn them to a DVD-R so we can watch them on any computer. The kids are going to love these videos! They will be learning vocabulary and not even realize it!

Grab your own copy of WordUp! today!

Be sure to check out all the other great resources at Compass Classroom while you are there!

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