When Things Don’t Go as Planned

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We had a wonderful Christmas with our family and I am so thankful for that! I am also thankful that we were all well over Christmas.

You see, we had some variety of cold/flu run through our family after Thanksgiving. That took a few weeks to run its course. Then after we enjoyed our Christmas celebration another round of it was on the horizon.

It began New Year’s Eve with my youngest (in the picture). He had a high fever, body aches, and a cough/congestion. On New Year’s Day I had planned a girls shopping day with my mom and oldest daughter. Since my husband was home from work, he told us to go ahead and go and have fun, and that he would take care of my sick son and the rest of the kids.

We had a good time at the mall shopping, but at some point midday I began to have body aches and wondered if I was getting sick too. By the time we got home I felt terrible and my youngest son was still really sick with a high fever. I am just now starting to feel better. My youngest son is over the fever but still has a cough, and my other four children all came down with it too.  A couple of them ran fevers, the other two just had congestion and feeling yucky.

So, needless to say, it has been a LONG week. I had planned on getting our Christmas decorations down after the 1st, and spend the weekend getting ready to start our homeschool back up this week. I also wanted to spend some time making plans for new posts here on the blog.

Since things did not go as planned, I am way behind! Laundry is piled, the sink is full of dirty dishes, Christmas decorations are staring at me waiting to be put away until next year, and I am not ready to start back in with our homeschool.

But you know what? I have a lot to be thankful for. Even though my plans were drastically changed over this past week, I had lots of opportunities for snuggle time with the kids. I got a lot of sleep and rest. I was so blessed by having my husband serve us so graciously when I was too sick to even get out of the chair. So even though I am running behind, and this coming week’s schedule is going to have to change too, it’s ok. It really is ok.

I will work away at catching up, then we will begin our homeschool again.

At times like this, the Lord is teaching me to trust Him and not my own plans. My plans don’t always go as planned, but God is never surprised and He is always going to be there for me.

How about you? Did your Christmas and New Years go as planned? Did any surprises come your way? If so, how did you deal with it?

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