A lesson from reading books to my children

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The Lord uses my children in so many ways to teach me things.  What precious gifts they are!  Quite a few years ago I was reading {again} Corduroy to my then 3 and 4 year old.  They just loved that book and asked for it all the time! Well, I was being a little silly and started out the book saying, “Corduroy, the Friendly Bear”.  My daughter immediately said, “Mommy, that’s not right!”

Later in the book I must have misread a word, because my daughter corrected me and told me the word I should have said.

Then…I even skipped a page accidentally and both children said, “Mommy, you missed a page!”

As I was reading, the Lord gently spoke to me saying…

“Sheri, do you know My Book this well?  Do you know it well enough that if someone adds things to it, misquotes it, or skips stuff, you immediately notice the error?  Have you read My Book so many times that you know what it says?  Do you hunger for My Book as these children hunger for one more reading of Corduroy?”


I have been convicted to get into His Book {the Holy Bible} even more so – so that I know it as well as my children know Corduroy!

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  1. I had the book Corduroy when I was little. It was and still is my favorite book. My son received one as a gift and I'm going to read it to him. It's been at my in-law's business and I just saw it yesterday.

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