Sourdough Information for Beginners

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I thought I’d do a quick post to let you know of some great resources for sourdough starters, recipes, and instructions to make your own starter!  I am currently using a 100% whole wheat sourdough starter.  Some starter recipes use rye flour, but I like just being able to use wheat since that is what I have.  Here we go…

Cultures for Health – Here you will find a wonderful page with sourdough starters you can purchase, as well as some links to recipes and sourdough information.

Learn to cook with sourdough in an online, multi-media class!

GNOWFGLINS Sourdough Ecourse Online – This course is being offered on a “pay what you can” basis.  This is an excellent course and is what inspired me to give sourdough a try again!

Sourdough.com – This website is full of instructions and recipes.

Free Sourdough Starter! – This website, Carlsfriends.net offers free dried sourdough starter for only a self-addressed stamped envelope!

Give sourdough a try!  You’ll LOVE it!  I made some sourdough pancakes this morning…yum!

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