Sign up for a Vitacost account and receive a $10 credit!

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I wanted to send a quick note this morning to let you know about this awesome deal!

Sign up for Vitacost and get a $10 credit!

Vitacost is a website where you can purchase quite a variety of health products, including vitamins, toothpaste, shampoo, cleaners, organic foods and MUCH more!  I ALWAYS check Vitacost first before I make a purchase, because they almost always have the best price…and if you order over $49 you get free shipping!

I like to buy our vitamins from Vitacost:  Nature’s Plus for the kids, and Nature’s Way for my husband and me. It is SO much cheaper than buying elsewhere. I like to order a bunch at a time and get the free shipping too, which makes it an even better deal!

Right now they are running a special promo for new customers.  When you create an account, you will get a $10 credit to be used on your first order!  That’s right!  {As a little bonus, I will also get $10 to spend at Vitacost!}  It is a win-win for all of us!

Click here to go now and sign up for an account…then use that $10 to place your first order!  You are going to LOVE Vitacost!  I know I do!

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