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Review: Pyramath Card Game & Special Sale!

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I had the privilege of receiving a free deck of the Pyramath card game in the mail last week.  While the cards themselves do not look like anything fancy, I was blown away with how much fun this game is.  There are brief directions in the card deck, but a complete booklet on different versions of the game can be found on their website here (go down to the bottom and click on the “Download Dr. Ron’s How to Succeed in Mathematics 28 page booklet”).  It is so much fun to play and really challenge my kids with their math facts!   Each time they play they want to get faster and faster…the competition is helpful to challenge them to work faster too.  You can even play this game online for free if you want.  The online version can be found here.

Now I only had a chance to try the Pyramath game, they have other games that look like just as much fun and educational.  They are currently running a special sale and you can get 50% off any of these games until April 7th by using this code:  MATHISFUN.

Finally, the two kind ladies who created these games asked that I communicate this to my readers:

If you have friends or folks that are unemployed or cannot afford the cards due to a limited budget – have them contact us. We will make sure that they can get these games for their children. We don’t want anyone unable to provide these excellent learning games to their children because of cost. Good games make for good learning and every child deserves a chance at that.

So…go to their website today and check out these card games.  They would make great birthday gifts or stocking stuffers for Christmas!  Hmmm….maybe I’ll head on over there myself and order a few to save for Christmas!

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    1. You don't have to register to play the game. Just click on the link in the post and it will take you to the game page. Have fun!
  1. We just received our deck recently as well. My children really enjoy it! Thank you for the link to the additional ways to play- I look forward to reading it. Have a blessed day!

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