HIStory: The Reader’s Bible {Quick Update!}

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I know it has been a long time since I have mentioned the HIStory: The Reader’s Bible series, so I thought it was time for a quick update. I have been very encouraged by the great response I have received on this series. My desire is to provide a Bible that can be easily read through like a story, without all the breaks for chapters and verses. Click here to read about my reasons for creating this series as well as links to the volumes currently available.

Originally I wanted to get this series completed before the end of last year, but due to some family matters and then our computer hard drive crashing, that didn’t happen. But I have recently been working to complete Vol. 2 (Joshua-Esther) and hope to have that available soon. Thank you for your grace and patience as I work to complete this huge project!

I hope to finish up this series by summer so I can turn my focus to some other projects I am excited about! More on that later!

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