Doodle and Journal Your Way Through The Bible!

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Doodle and Journal Your Way Through the Bible

Recently I was introduced to Kari at Stone Soup for Five. She was in a workshop I was watching and she was talking about her bullet journal. Well, after the workshop I went to her site to look around and was amazed at all the wonderful ideas she has for doing journals!

I was especially intrigued with how she does her Bible journals. She loves to doodle and she has put together some neat Bible study ebooks that show you how to doodle and journal your way through the Bible! If you sign up for her newsletter, she will send you the Ephesians ebook for free! I received it last night and it looks fascinating!

Here is a video that Kari did where she takes you through one of her Bible journals so you can see what she does. It is amazing!

[youtube id=”gkWBTa1SeT0″]

If this interests you at all, hop on over now to Kari’s site, sign up for her newsletter and download the Ephesians study. Then have fun doodling and journaling through the Bible!

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